Two Teens Arrested and Charged with Battery in St. Maries, Idaho

Bullying has become a major problem in this country. It used to be that this took place on the school playground. Today, it seems to be happening both in real life and online. Sadly, real-life bullying can result in physical assaults that leave the victim in bad shape. This was the case this past week in St. Maries, Idaho, where two teens were charged with battery.

Police were contacted by the family of a 13-year old girl named Clara. Given her age, her full name has not yet been provided. She is from Inland Northwest, Idaho. She had been walking home from school one day and was attacked by a group of high-school girls. The names of the teens who attacked her have not yet been released.

A video of the girl’s injuries started to circulate on Facebook shortly after the incident. Two of the girls who attacked Clara have now been arrested and charged with battery. Although the girl and her family are upset that the rest of the girls have not been charged, police confirm that they are continuing their investigation. They do suspect that a third girl will shortly be arrested for her involvement as well.

The victim suffered a swollen eye, bruised cheeks and claimed that her clothing was covered in blood. The girls who assaulted her are said to be between the ages of 14 and 16. 

The Benewah County Sheriff’s Office representative, Dave Resser, said he asks that the public let his team conduct their investigation. The family of the victim will certainly have a potential legal claim against her attackers. 

If you’re charged with battery or any other serious offense, you need to contact our office right away. The consequences of these sorts of charges can be quite severe. 


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