Idaho Falls Man Charged with DUI, Drug Possession and Eluding Police

Police sure had their hands full this past week when they encountered a 60-year old man from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene of a two-car accident at the intersection of North Yellowstone and 25th East. The crash happened on Wednesday at about 10 pm.

Apparently, 60-year old Corey Wardie had rear-ended a vehicle at the intersection. He then proceeded to back up and smash into the back of the car a second time. After that, he took off and sped down the southbound lanes of 25th East, going close to 60 mph.

The police caught up to the man and tried to stop his vehicle. He did stop, but then got out of the car and ran on foot. As he ran away, he was carrying an open can of beer in his hand.

The police had no trouble catching up to him. Once they got him, they handcuffed and secured the suspect. He was then taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. He was promptly booked into the Bonneville County jail.

Wardie was charged with felony DUI, eluding the police as well as a misdemeanor for obstruction of justice. He was booked into the jail and the judge set his bond at $20,000.

The suspect had just been arrested this past June for DUI and drug possession. At that time, he had paid $15,000 bond and his hearing was still pending at the time of this arrest.

Thankfully, the two adults and one juvenile passenger in the other vehicle escaped with minor injuries. They were treated and released from the local hospital.

If you’ve been charged with drug possession or DUI in Idaho, contact our office right away. You don’t want to fight these kinds of charges on your own.


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