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Drug crime charges can become very serious if you don’t have legal assistance. So if you or someone you love has been recently charged, be sure to secure the legal assistance that is deserved. Within Idaho, these crimes usually carry a pretty hefty penalty. They can easily become life-altering and detrimental.

Due to this, they should be seen as important and requiring urgent attention. Simply put, prosecutors and law enforcement officials will be out to punish anyone caught in the most severe way. In their eyes, the more severe your punishment is, the better it is for them. With the help of a Boise drug crimes lawyer, you’re more likely to get a reduced sentence or have your case dismissed.

At Aaron Hooper, Attorney at Law, we understand how challenging the law can be for drug crimes and we’re committed to offering the best protection to our clients. Even if you are faced with the worst punishments, we’re determined to fight your case. When we’re fighting, we fight with victory on our minds.

So no matter the setting, we’re focused on getting your charges lowered, winning your case, and even ensuring that your case is completely dismissed. We’re confident in our skilled Boise criminal defense attorneys and we will see to it that no stone is left unturned as we pursue justice for you. We work with those who have been charged with possession of drugs, delivery, cultivation, paraphernalia, trafficking, manufacturing or even fraud of prescription drugs. Our team has some of the best resources and skills to effectively and properly defend you or your loved one.

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Idaho State Court 
Felony Defense

Aaron Hooper, Attorney at Law is well versed and experienced in Defending serious drug cases in Idaho. Most of the work we do involves cases where clients are charged with felonies and are prosecuted at the District Court level. In most cases, preliminary hearings are conducted at the Magistrate level and if the court hears sufficient evidence to convince them that a felony is committed, they will bind the case over to the District Court, or Felony court.

There is one exception to the procedure to begin a felony case. This is when the prosecutor seeks an indictment through a Grand Jury proceeding. A grand jury is a group of 12 members of the community who go into a courtroom and a prosecutor presents some evidence to them about the case and the Grand Jury decides whether Probable Cause existed, meaning was it more probable than not that a crime was committed and that the Defendant committed the crime.

Indictments through Grand Juries occur less than the typical process for charging, which is when the County Prosecutor’s Office files a Complaint against the Defendant in State Court. Once charged, however, and a Judge or a Grand Jury decides there is sufficient evidence for probable cause, the process at the District Court level is the same and the case will be set for a District Court Arraignment, Pre Trial, Status, and maybe even a Jury Trial.

At Aaron Hooper, Attorney at Law, the goal is to minimize or eliminate the harm that comes to a defendant if they should suffer any forms of criminal disposition. So if you or a loved one was charged, call the Aaron Hooper, Attorney at Law at (208) 271-9551 and inquire about your options and possible strategies that can help your case. You can even schedule a consultation free of charge.

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What Are Common Idaho Drug Crimes?

Drug crimes are often misinterpreted and most think they revolve around dealers, users, and the infamous cartels. However, there is more to this than just the cartel or dealers on the streets. The bottom line of it all falls on drug users since they purchase from street dealers on back alleys, parks, in houses and other secretive locations.

Most dealers tend to purchase drugs that are pre-packaged. However, this is sourced from those who act as low-level distributors. However, they initially convert bulk products into that which can be easily sold at any location. So, if you’ve ever heard or even see about drugs being “cut” this is basically what happens.

Additionally, those into packaging usually buy in bulk or by the weight from distributors on the middle level. This can be anyone within the state, a regional or even a multi-state. Simply put, there are a lot of persons involved in these actions and they are not fixed. This creates the environment for lines to be blurred very easily.

Drugs such as meth can be manufactured locally and don’t involve a tedious process for distribution. Middle-level distributors source their supply from distributors or even producers who are connected with any cartel.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

According to the law, it is unlawful for persons to possess controlled substances. However, if the substance was gathered from direct sources or was obtained with a valid prescription, it can be authorized by the law. This is the main drug crime within the state of Idaho.

With that said, there are differences between felonies and misdemeanors. They depend on the substances involved and the quantity possesses as well as the potency of the drug. Our Boise drug possession lawyer can defend you against:

  • Felony Possession
  • Misdemeanor Possession


Persons should not be on the compound of places that deal with illegally controlled substances. It becomes more unlawful if these substances are cultivated, manufactured or even held for transportation.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

If persons possess or use with intent to the following, it is also unlawful:

  • Propagate
  • Use
  • Paraphernalia to plant
  • Manufacture, harvest, grow or cultivate
  • Process, compound, produce or convert
  • Analyze, prepare or test
  • Conceal, pack, contain, repackage, store
  • Inhale or ingest
  • Introduce into the body any controlled substances.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Under the laws of the state of Idaho, persons who deliver, possess, manufacture, intend to manufacture or even deliver controlled substances can be charged with a felony. However, the penalty faced is controlled by the consideration of the drug schedule. Contact our drug distribution lawyers to learn how we can help your defense.

Delivery of a Controlled Substance Where Children Are Present

In the case where children are present and under the age of 18, it is unlawful to possess, deliver, or manufacture substances that are defined according to Schedules IV, III, II and I on the same premises.


In the instance of trafficking, this is dependent on the weight and the substance in question. There are a number of serious offenses that require a minimum sentence to be served in prison.

Marijuana Cases

It is still illegal to possess any quantity of marijuana within the state of Idaho. So, be sure that you properly understand the charges that have been presented against you since they each have a different consequence.

Prescription Drug Charges

If you didn’t already know, other common prescription drugs can also be classified as illegal. Hence they lead to a conviction. Opioids painkillers are illegal and result in criminal charges.

DUI Drug Cases

DUI drug cases tend to come from a series of different drugs. Some feature a range of prescription medications and other well known controlled substances. When officers come in contact with users, they use judgment to determine the impairment that was suffered due to a prescription drug. Their decisions are usually based on what they think is instinct and not fact; this leads to the wrongful arrest of innocent persons. Our Boise felony DUI lawyers are here to help you in this situation.

Public Intoxication

This deals with pedestrians who are under the influence of alcohol or/and drugs. In this instance, they present a hazard to the public and themselves.

Drug Substance Charges

Charges in this category are all different and have a series of different consequences. The following will give a better indication of what level of punishment is to be expected:

  • Controlled “Stimulated” Substances
  • Controlled Substances Analogs
  • Counterfeit Substance 


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