Can a Woman Be Charged with Domestic Violence in Boise, Idaho?

When most of us think of domestic violence in Boise, we tend to assume the perpetrator is a man. The truth is that while most domestic violence victims are women, that isn’t always the case. There are cases in which the victim is a male.

Anyone can become the victim of domestic violence. In Idaho, the law defines domestic violence as any sort of assault or battery committed against a household member. You don’t have to be related to be considered a household member. You also don’t have to be married to be considered part of a household.

A household member can be any of the following people:

  • Current or former spouse
  • People who cohabitate
  • Any two people who have a child together

It’s important to mention that you don’t have to physically live together to be a victim of domestic violence in Boise. If  you and your ex-girlfriend have a child in common, it doesn’t matter if you live together. If any sort of violence is committed against the person, they can file criminal charges. They can also file for a protective order.

If someone has filed a complaint for domestic violence in Boise against you, it’s important that you hire a good criminal defense attorney in Boise right away. You’ll be facing jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.  Whether you’re a woman or a man, it might be difficult to beat this sort of charge. That’s because there is almost always a presumption of guilt despite what the law says.

Why are Most Victims of Domestic Violence in Boise Women?

Most male victims of domestic violence do not report it. It is often not until their significant other files criminal charges of their own that the man speaks up. The problem with this is that when you do this, it looks like you’re just filing charges in retaliation, or the court thinks you’re trying to find a way to avoid the charges. Thankfully, you can always retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in Boise when this happens.

Will the Court Issue a Protective Order?

In most cases involving domestic violence, the court will issue something called a No Contact Order. These orders can be filed in two types of cases. First, the judge may sign an order to protect you before any actual violence takes place. For example, if the victim is threatened by someone in their household, they can petition the court for a protective order. Second, if you have been charged with domestic violence, the court will customarily issue a No Contact  Order to prevent any further abuse.

You do not have to be notified of the hearing for this initial protective order. However, the court does have to hold a hearing within fourteen (14) days of the order being issued.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boise Right Away

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Boise, you’ll be facing some pretty severe penalties. Not only will you be facing jail time, you’ll also be ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines. These cases can be hard to defend. No matter what the case, the court tends to believe the victim’s story. In fact, even if there is evidence that you were the victim and not the perpetrator, you could still be convicted. It takes a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Boise, Idaho to help get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Call and talk to a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Idaho sooner rather than later. You’ll be facing your first court appearance in just a matter of days. You want to have a lawyer by your side. It can be hard to communicate effectively with the prosecutor if you aren’t represented by an attorney. So, call our office as soon as possible and schedule your initial consultation.

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