Caldwell Man Arrested for Pointing Gun at Teens at Haunted World

A Caldwell man arrested for pointing a gun at teens was identified as 37-year old Joshua Lockner. According to police who were called to the scene at Haunted World in Canyon County, Lockner was at the attraction with his 11-year old autistic son. He said that a group of teens started screaming profanities at him and his son. He claims that he felt threatened by the group and that they were pointing aggressively at his son as they attempted to get on the bus.

Lockner proceeded to take out his concealed weapon and point it at the group of teens. Security at Haunted World detained the man and called the local police. He was subsequently arrested and taken to jail. He has been charged with 5 counts of felony aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. His bail was set at $25,000.

The police said that Lockner reeked of alcohol at the scene and has a history of drinking and fighting. He has prior conviction for DUI. Lockner’s attorney presented a video of the incident in court this week. He is claiming that his client was using self-defense. 

The judge was not convinced. He did issue a no-contact order between the man and the teens. He also told Lockner that he is not allowed to drink. If he is caught drinking, his bail will be revoked at set at $250,000. He warned Lockner that he will not set his bail any lower than this if he ends up back in court for violating his order.

Apparently, the argument started because of a fight over the teens being Trump supporters. The defendant also claimed that the teens were calling him derogatory names and threatening his son.

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