Can a Conviction for Drug Possession Impact Your Professional License in Boise, Idaho?

Getting arrested for any sort of drug crime in Idaho is serious, and drug possession is particularly egregious. This is true no matter where you live but Idaho has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. It’s one of very few states where you can be charged with drug possession with intent to distribute strictly based on the amount of drugs you have on your person. Idaho also has very strict mandatory sentences for drug offenses.

The problem is that, if you’re convicted of any drug offense in Boise, it can impact your entire life. Even if you avoid jail time, you’ll still have to pay heavy fines. Depending on what you do for a living, the conviction can impact your professional license. People who work in finance or any other sort of field where there is a fiduciary duty can lose their jobs if they’re convicted of a criminal offense. You can even have your professional license revoked or suspended, depending on the severity of the crime.

Because the laws in Idaho are so strict, it doesn’t take much for you to end up with a serious drug offense on your criminal record. For example, if you are caught with more than 3 ounces of marijuana in Boise, it’s considered a felony. This is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. It also carries fines of as much as $10,000. Since it’s considered a felony, it can also impact your career.

This is why you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Boise right away after your arrest. There’s just too much at stake to try to handle this on your own.

What Sort of Jobs Are Impacted by a Criminal Conviction?

For some people, a criminal conviction may not impact their career all that much. In fact, their employer may never even find out they got in trouble. Unless you spend time in jail, you may not even miss a day of work. There’s a good chance your Idaho criminal lawyer will be able to secure bond for you. This means you may be out of jail within hours or days of your arrest. Drug possession as a professional has different consequences.

If you’re a doctor, lawyer or teacher, your arrest won’t go unnoticed for long. In fact, you are likely required to report any of this activity to your licensing board. For example, if you’re a lawyer and get arrested for drug possession, you can’t hide it. It will be reported to the bar and you’ll have to answer to them relatively quickly. This could cause your license to be suspended or even revoked. The same is true for certain doctors and insurance professionals.

Your Arrest for Drug Possession May Be Published Online or in the Newspaper

These days, it’s almost impossible for people to keep a secret. If you’re arrested and charged with a drug crime in Idaho, there’s a good chance It’ll appear on social media in no time. Police departments often publish blogs with updated criminal arrest information. Your neighbors, friends and even your employer may read about it. Very little can be kept under wraps with social media today and someone is bound to find out about your drug possession arrest.

Once your employer finds out that you’ve been arrested for a serious drug offense, your life may change. If they find out on their own and you don’t report it, things could be even worse. Many professionals have an obligation to report this sort of thing on their own.

Contact a Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boise Right Away

If you’ve been charged with any sort of drug crime in Idaho, you’re going to need an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The consequences are simply too high to try to do this yourself. What you need to do is call our office as soon as possible after your arrest. If you aren’t able to contact an attorney yourself, have a loved one do it for you. Your first court appearance will be scheduled for a day or so after your arrest. You’ll want a Boise criminal attorney there for this hearing.

Call today and schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned criminal lawyers in Boise. They can sit down and answer any questions you may have. They can also explain how the legal process works. You’ll need to enter a plea relatively quickly after your arrest. Your attorney will need time to prepare for this hearing. Call today and talk to one of our friendly staff right away.

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