Former Idaho Governor Candidate Steve Pankey Charged with Murder

This weekend the police in Idaho finally charged someone in a crime that happened more than 35 years ago. The person indicted in the case is former Idaho governor candidate Steve Pankey.

Back in 1984, a 12-year old girl named Jonelle Matthews was abducted from her home at 320 43rd Street. When her father came home and found her missing, he called the police.

It wasn’t until July of 2019 that her remains were finally found. An oil worker found them about 10 miles north of where Steve Pankey lived at the time. Apparently, Pankey had kidnapped the girl and then killed her and disposed of her body not far from his home. This all took place in Colorado. In the ensuing years, Pankey ran for governor in Idaho. 

The initial allegations indicate that he may have raped the young girl as well. However, the recent charges filed against Pankey do not include rape. They do, however, include 2 counts of first-degree murder. He has also been charged with kidnapping and two counts of criminal violence.

The kidnapping took place on December 20 of 1984. Finally, the authorities have their suspect. Steven Pankey was arrested at his home along the 6000 block of Borgnine Lane in Meridian, Idaho. Pankey is being held at the Ada County Jail with no bond. He will soon be extradited to Colorado where the original crimes took place. 

Pankey had reported to a local newspaper last week that while he was once a neighbor of Matthews, he had no real connection to her family. He is claiming that he is being framed for the crime. He did not respond to any other reporters.

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