Idaho Falls Police Arrest 2 Men After Verbal Altercation

The police in Idaho Falls received a call about a verbal altercation on Three Fountains Road on Jue 24. It was about 9 am at the time. A neighbor called the police when her neighbor asked for help. Apparently, the woman’s son, Nicholas Milloway, had gotten into an argument with her and pulled a firearm on her. Milloway followed his mother to the neighbor’s house and then took off in his Pontiac Fiero. His friend Aspen Gosswiller was the one driving the car.

The police put out a radio call to look for the vehicle and their suspect. About an hour and a half later, two officers on the Idaho Falls Bike Patrol located the car and the suspects in Yellowstone.

When the officers stopped the two men, they agreed to do a pat down search. During the search, the police located guns on both men. Since both Milloway and Gosswiller are convicted felons, they aren’t allowed to have guns in their possession.

In addition to finding guns, they also found drugs and paraphernalia on Gosswiller. They found a needle and syringe filled with methamphetamine. Gosswiller claimed the pants he was wearing were not his but the police did not buy that argument. They also found a handful of illegal weapons in the camper that the two men were hiding in.

Milloway, a 28-year old man from Idaho Falls, was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His friend, Aspen Gosswiller, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of methamphetamine and drug trafficking of heroin.

The two men were booked into jail and were awaiting a bond hearing.

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