Two Women Escape from East Boise Community Reentry Center- Captured 12 Hours Later

It isn’t often that two women are able to just walk away from a correctional facility in Idaho. But that’s exactly what happened this week at the East Boise Community Reentry Center. The women were reported to have simply walked away from the facility and weren’t seen later that evening.

The women are believed to have left the jail center at about 7:35 pm on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. They were 32-year old Ashley Winslow and 31-year old Sabrina Amaya. The police put out an all points bulletin for the young women when they discovered they were missing Tuesday night.

It wasn’t long before both women were captured and returned to the facility. The authorities reported that both women were back in custody by 9:30 am on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. Thankfully, neither were injured during their capture. The authorities did not indicate if either committed additional crimes while away from the facility.

Winslow was serving time for a handful of offenses including possession of a controlled dangerous substance, grant theft and eluding a peace officer. She was convicted in Canyon County. The other woman, Sabrina Amaya was serving time for domestic assault.

Winslow was actually eligible for parole in under a month. Her possible parole date was September 9, 2020. She would have been released by May 10, 2021 at the latest. For Amaya, she wasn’t so close to her release date. Now, both women are going to see their sentences increased although the report did not state how much time the two women will face.

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