Man Charged With Second Felony DUI In Chubbuck

A man has been charged with second felony DUI in Chubbuck within three days of his first felony DUI arrest. Both arrests took place in Pocatello. The second Felony DUI In Chubbuck arrest was made in the afternoon at around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 24.

According to the details shared by the Idaho State Police, troopers first received reports of a possibly drunk driver at the Portneuf Wellness Complex in Pocatello. The reports stated that the suspect driver was operating a white Subaru.

Once the troopers arrived on the scene, they were able to locate Hopkins who was still at the reported location. Eyewitness statements revealed that Hopkins had driven his vehicle onto the wooden dock of a pond located at the complex. The woman on the dock and in the pool began to yell at Hopkins upon which he drove back into the parking lot.

As the troopers interacted with Hopkins, they identified slurred speech. Hopkins was then asked to undergo a field sobriety test which he failed. Troopers asked him to blow into a breathalyzer machine so that his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) could be ascertained.

Breathalyzer tests revealed that Hopkins’ BAC was above 0.240, which is three times the legal limit in Idaho. Troopers also found 21 bottles of vodka in the vehicle that Hopkins was driving. Of these, 13 of the bottles were already empty while 6 bottles had some contents left in them.

Based on BAC results and the evidence from the vehicle, Hopkins was taken into custody. He was charged with second felony DUI and misdemeanor possession of an open alcoholic beverage. Troopers booked Hopkins into the Bannock County Jail with his bond set at $100,000.

If convicted on both counts of felony DUI and related charges, Hopkins faces more than 20 years behind bars. For Boise convictions like these, a robust defense from a qualified Boise felony DUI attorney can help a DUI suspect plead for lower penalties.


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