Increased DUI Patrols in Idaho to Continue for Labor Day Weekend

Idaho State Police and other local law enforcement agencies across Idaho will continue to conduct extra DUI patrols in Idaho during the Labor Day weekend. These extra patrols are an attempt to keep drunk drivers off the state roads.

ISP has been joined by around 60 local law enforcement agencies and departments in this effort. The Idaho Transportation Department of Highway Safety is playing a central role in funding and backing these extra DUI patrols in Idaho.

The extra patrols are a part of a wider effort to keep Idaho roads safe from drunk drivers during the summer driving season. The season typically begins on the Memorial Day and comes to an end on Labor Day, marking around 100 days which have also been called the ‘100 Deadliest Days.’ This is simply because a huge number of drunk driving accidents occur during this period, resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Every year, Idaho experiences a notable spike in the number of DUI accidents during this period. The ongoing effort by ITD and ISP is meant to bring down the number of drunk drivers on state roads and attempt to mitigate DUI injuries and fatalities.

As part of this effort, troopers from ISP are on state roads 24/7 to make sure any drivers with DUI symptoms are identified and removed from the road. The campaign also aims to educate the motorists to ensure their own safety and that of others on the road by driving sober. It is expected that the campaign will conclude with the end of the summer season once the Labor Day weekend is over.

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