Man Arrested over DUI Hit-and-Run in Nez Perce County

A man was arrested and charged with multiple felonies for causing a DUI hit-and-run in Nez Perce County. The crash, which occurred on Friday, April 23, resulted in serious injuries to a 10-year-old boy. The driver involved in the crash was formally charged on Monday, April 26.

According to the details shared by the Lewiston Police, the crash took place in the 1700 Block of the 8th Avenue Boulevard. The driver was identified by the police as Kheten Brown, 20, of Lewiston. Brown was traveling in a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse at the time.

The ten-year-old Philip Spataro was crossing the street on a bike and was accompanied by his father, Christopher Spataro. Brown struck the younger Spataro at a high rate of speed. The boy suffered serious injuries as a result of the collision, including a fractured skull. The boy’s father also sustained minor injuries.

Following the DUI hit-and-run in Nez Perce County, Brown fled the scene of the crash. He was soon located by the police a few blocks from the scene of the accident. He was then taken to the Lewiston Police Department and asked to submit a breath sample. Brown submitted two samples, registering blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels of 0.93 and 0.96, which were above the legal limit of 0.08.

Based on the available evidence, Brown was taken to the Nez Perce County Jail. A Nez Perce County Magistrate Court charged him with several offenses on Monday. The charges against him included felony DUI, two felony counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury, misdemeanor reckless driving, misdemeanor driving without privileges, and misdemeanor failure to maintain vehicle insurance.

A judge set Brown’s bail at $20,000 while prohibiting him from entering any establishment selling alcohol. If convicted on all charges, Brown is set to receive stiff penalties.

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