Woman Charged With Drug Possession in Bannock County

A woman was charged with a single count of drug possession in Bannock County and taken into custody by the Pocatello police on Sunday afternoon, March 13. The authorities identified the woman as Penny D. Lacy, 35, of Pocatello.

According to the details shared by the local police department, Lacy was found at the scene of a reported disturbance. Law enforcement officers had arrived on the scene to investigate the disturbance when they spotted Lacy. The address of the reported disturbance was on the 300 block of West Bridger.

When the police officers made contact with Lacy, she exhibited signs of being under the influence of drugs. Based on this, the officers questioned her and ran a background check on her. The background check revealed that Lacy already had two outstanding warrants for her arrest. The officers then took her into custody and escorted her to the jail.

Once at the jail, a search was conducted. During this search, officers found a baggie of methamphetamine on Lacy’s person. As a result, a new charge of possession of a controlled substance was brought against her. This was confirmed as per the records of the Bannock County Magistrate Court. A preliminary hearing on the charge was scheduled for Monday, March 15.

At this hearing, it was to be determined whether sufficient evidence exists to take the case against Lacy to trial. Drug possession is a serious crime under Idaho laws and the penalties can range from mild to very harsh depending on the type and amount of drug involved.

For drug possession in Bannock County, the penalties include a minimum of 3 years in prison and a minimum fine of $10,000 when the amount involved is 28 grams to 200 grams. For amounts of 200 grams to 400 grams, penalties include a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 5 years.

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Source: https://www.idahostatejournal.com/news/local/pocatello-woman-facing-drug-charge-for-alleged-meth-possession/article_1768f970-c401-5918-b1ec-a91c860d62d4.html

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