Man Charged with DUI in Pocatello After Crashing Into Patrol Vehicle

A man was charged with DUI in Pocatello, along with a number of other offenses, after he crashed his car into a patrol vehicle. The police officers identified the man as Caesar Ramon Rodriguez, 31, from Utah.

According to the details shared by the police, Rodriguez was reported by multiple people after he was involved in several bar fights. As per these reports, he was accompanied by one other person. The fights occurred on the night of Friday, March 5. The law enforcement officers responded to more than one of these calls. However, every time they reached a bar where Rodriguez had engaged in fighting, the suspect had already departed.

The Pocatello Police officers also received eyewitness accounts detailing how Rodriguez’s vehicle looks like. Based on these accounts, the officers were able to locate a vehicle that fitted the description. This vehicle was located by the officers at around 2 a.m. and attempts were made to stop it.

However, when the police officers tried to stop the vehicle, Rodriguez fled. Patrol vehicles with the PPD followed and the pursuit first continued along the East Bench Road, and then along the East Center Street. During the pursuit, Rodriguez turned around the vehicle and came straight at the police officers. The vehicle closely missed a few patrol vehicles but finally ended up crashing into one of them.

The police officers on the scene remained safe and had no injuries to report. Following the collision, Rodriguez was arrested. A number of formal charges were brought against him. These included excessive Driving Under the Influence, aggravated battery for the bar fights and eluding officers. Rodriguez was subsequently booked into the Bannock County Jail. 

It isn’t clear if the second man was with him during the police pursuit and if the second suspect was also charged with any offense.

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