Two Men Arrested For Idaho DUI, Firearm Use and Other Charges

Two men were arrested and charged with an Idaho DUI as well as a number of other charges. The arrest took place in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 8.

According to the details shared by the Idaho State Police, calls started coming on of an erratic driver at around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, suggesting an Idaho DUI. As per eyewitnesses, the driver was traveling in the westbound lanes of the I-84. Callers placed the driver’s location close to Eagle Road.

According to these calls, the vehicle engaged in erratic driving was identified as a black Nissan Versa. The driver of the Nissan apparently failed to maintain lane and would veer across the lanes. The driver also reportedly took the Eagle Road exit but then recklessly drove back onto the I-84 by driving across the dirt.

A few minutes later, ISP officers received further reports that one of the occupants of the Nissan Versa was wielding a gun. The man wielding the gun reportedly shot it several times. An active search for the vehicle began following these reports.

At around 3:20 p.m. a Meridian Police officer was able to locate the suspect vehicle. The officer located the vehicle close to the E. Corporate Drive and S. Main Street. Two occupants were found inside the vehicle. These were identified as the 21-year-old driver Desmond L. Smith and a 28-year-old passenger Cornelius X. Hobbs. Both men were from Mississippi.

Following their arrest, multiple charges were brought against both men. Smith was charged with DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of an open container of alcohol, driving without privileges, and carrying a concealed weapon while under influence. Hobbs was charged with possession of an open container of alcohol and discharge of a weapon.

The charges brought against both men carry harsh penalties in Idaho. For similar charges in Boise, a Boise felony DUI attorney can help the defendants fight the charges.


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