Idaho Falls Domestic Battery Charges Filed

Idaho Falls domestic battery charges were filed against a man who was scheduled to be sentenced on similar offenses. The man involved in the Idaho Falls domestic battery charges  was identified by the police as Lambert Peterson, 29. He was arrested on the night of Wednesday, June 30.

According to the details shared by the Idaho Falls Police Department, reports were received of an incident of domestic battery at around 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday. When the officers responded, they were told by the victim that Peterson had broken her nose.

Peterson had also been previously indicted for domestic battery on the same victim. The previous offense was committed in July 2020 when Peterson broke the victim’s jaw. He was due to be sentenced for this offense on Thursday, July 1.

Following the previous offense, a court had mandated a no-contact order between Peterson and the woman he had attacked. On Wednesday, Peterson violated this order and came to visit the woman. The woman allowed him into the residence.

However, once inside the home, Peterson became angry and then started beating the woman. He broke the victim’s nose in the process. By the time the officers arrived, Peterson had fled the scene. The victim was transported to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

Based on eyewitness reports, Peterson was later found hiding in the bushes. When an officer attempted to arrest him, he resisted and spat in the officer’s face.

Following his arrest, a number of charges were brought against Peterson. These included felony domestic battery, violating a no-contact order, resisting arrest, misdemeanor assault or battery on an officer, and intimidation of a witness.

These charges carry serious penalties under Idaho laws. A Boise domestic battery attorney can help defend against charges of this nature.


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