State Troopers Gear Up to Apprehend DUI Drivers in Idaho

Fresh off the holiday season, troopers with the Idaho State Patrol are partnering with various other agencies. The objective of this partnership is to make sure that any DUI drivers in Idaho are removed from the state roads before they cause accidents and injuries.

In going about this plan, ISP has partnered with different law enforcement entities. These include the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety as well as other local entities. The partnership will result in a greater number of DUI patrols on the state roads through the holiday season.

These DUI patrols will focus on identifying the drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The troopers and other law officers will do their best to take these DUI drivers in Idaho off the roads before they can cause harm to others.

DUI crashes remain a leading cause of injuries and deaths during the holiday season. Every year, the number of crashes registers a notable spike during the holidays. During 2019, Idaho saw a record increase of 27% in fatalities caused by DUI crashes. A huge portion of these DUI accidents take place in the final quarter of the year when holiday season is around.

The holiday season typically sees more drivers on the roads. Many families are out to travel and meet others across the state or even across states. Other people are out to go to parties, celebrations and other fun activities. All of these result in a greater-than-average load of traffic on the roads. At the same time, alcohol consumption is typically at an all-time high during the holidays. So the number of drunk drivers is also far higher than usual.

Idaho State Police troopers advise drivers to plan ahead and coordinate with sober friends to make sure that the driver of their vehicle is not under the influence during holidays.

If you’re arrested for any sort of drunk driving charge, make sure to call our office and ask for assistance from an Idaho felony DUI attorney as soon as possible.


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