Lawmakers Seek to Impose Permanent Marijuana Ban in Idaho

Idaho lawmakers areĀ seeking to cement the current ban on psychoactive drugs. If the attempt to enforce a permanent marijuana ban in Idaho is successful, it will significantly reduce any chances for marijuana to be legalized in the state.

The constitutional change that seeks to permanently ban marijuana and related substances is a part of the Senate Joint Resolution 101. The resolution has been introduced by Senator Scott Grow who is spearheading the effort. If approved, the resolution would effectively prohibit the sale, manufacture, production, delivery, dispensing, distribution, manufacturing, possession, or use of any psychoactive drugs.

Idaho already has laws that prohibit psychoactive drugs, including marijuana. However, these laws are currently a part of the state code only. The present attempt led by Senator Grow aims to make these laws a part of the state’s Constitution.

Repealing or amending a law in the state code is a relatively easier process. In contrast, any changes to the state’s constitution involve a more elaborate procedure. The changes must first be approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives. The amendment is then presented to the voters on ballot. A majority of the voters must approve the amendment as well in order for it to be adopted.

This is why the present resolution still needs to hop through a lot of loops before its proposed amendments are adopted. However, if it succeeds, this will effectively make it incredibly hard for marijuana or any psychoactive drugs to be legalized anytime soon in Idaho. This would be in contrast to many neighboring states, such as Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Montana where marijuana has been fully legalized.

The resolution is expected to be presented soon before a Senate State Affairs Committee. The Committee will decide whether or not the resolution should be forwarded to the Senate for a formal vote to confirm a permanent marijuana ban in Idaho.

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