Intoxicated Driver Faces DUI Charges in Bonneville County

A suspected intoxicated driver faces DUI charges in Bonneville County. The driver was arrested after fleeing from the police and being finally stopped when a Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputy performed a pursuit immobilization technique (PIT) maneuver on February 11.

The whole episode began when a witness called the authorities and told them about a possibly drunk driver at the intersection of the 109th North and 39th East. The witness confirmed that the driver was asleep in his vehicle with his foot on the brakes.

The deputies responded to the report and before they reached the scene, the suspect driver woke up and began to drive away. He drove erratically along the roadway, often veering into the oncoming lane. As the suspect reached the intersection of the 65th East and 113th North, a deputy attempted to stop him by flashing the emergency lights.

However, the suspect driver didn’t stop and continued to drive down the road. As he did so, he also drove into the oncoming lane and onto both shoulders of the road, his speed ranging from 4mph to 60mph. The report from the deputy later stated that the driver kept looking in the rearview mirrors as he fled from the deputy’s vehicle.

The deputy was finally able to bring the vehicle to a stop after performing the PIT maneuver. The suspect was taken into custody and his vehicle searched. During the vehicle search, deputies recovered open alcoholic containers, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, stolen financial credit cards, and other criminal possessions.

Authorities identified the suspect as Zachary Eilander, 38, of Teton. Following his arrest on DUI charges in Bonneville County, Eilander was taken to the Idaho Falls Community Hospital. A blood sample was also drawn to ascertain the presence of alcohol and other illicit substances.

Eilander had a previous outstanding warrant for a felony offense in Jefferson County. His present arrest is likely to result in several new felony charges against him. 

If you’re arrested for any sort of drunk driving charge, make sure to call our office and ask for assistance from an Idaho felony DUI attorney as soon as possible.


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