Idaho Drug Dealer Sentenced to 22 Years for Meth Distribution

An Idaho drug dealer sentenced to a total of 262 months in a federal prison on charges of methamphetamine distribution was identified as Roberto Manuel Rojas, 31. The dealer, who is a member of the West Side Loma gang, is from Caldwell, Idaho.

Rojas was charged following a lengthy investigation by the authorities that focused on the West Side Loma gang. This investigation continued from October 2018 to October 2019. During this period, the law enforcement agencies interacted with Rojas through an informant. The informant was used to purchase a shotgun and two ounces of methamphetamine from Rojas.

A number of agencies came together in investigating and prosecuting Rojas. He is already serving a prison sentence for eluding a police officer, and has several violent offenses on his previous record.

A federal grand jury indicted Rojas for the charges brought against him. In addition to drug possession, he was also charged with the illegal possession of a firearm.

The agencies that partook in the investigations for the current case included FBI, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Caldwell Police Department, Boise Police Department, Idaho Department of Correction, Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, Nampa Police Department, Meridian Police Department, and Bureau of Probation and Parole among others. These agencies collaborated in the case as a part of the Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crime Task Force.

In addition to being sentenced to about 22 years in prison, Rojas will also be required to serve ten years of supervised release. This period will commence after he is released from the prison.

The case against the Idaho drug dealer sentenced to prison was a part of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces investigation. The body, also known as OCDETF, is a multi-agency entity that utilizes intelligence and resources of the law enforcement agencies at all levels, with the aim of apprehending drug criminals at the highest levels.

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