Man Charged with DUI in Bonneville, Booked Into County Jail

A man has been charged with DUI in Bonneville following reports that he was causing a disturbance at a residence near Ririe. The incident occurred on the night of Friday, July 30. It was reported to the authorities around 7 p.m.

Once the reports of the disturbance were received, deputies from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the reported address in the E block of the North County Line Road. As they did, they received reports that the suspect had driven away to Ririe while he was intoxicated.

Following up on these reports, the deputies headed towards Ririe where they located the suspect at a gas station. A traffic stop was initiated and the vehicle was stopped before it could get away. The suspect was identified as Brian D. Box, 63.

Box was visibly intoxicated when the deputies interacted with him. He also admitted to having had several drinks. Based on this evidence, deputies asked Box to undergo Field Sobriety Tests, which he refused. He was also asked to submit to a breath test but he refused this as well.

At the same time, he attempted to flee from the scene. This prompted the deputies to put him into handcuffs and then lift him into the back of the patrol vehicle. After a warrant for blood draw was obtained, deputies transported Box to the Idaho Falls Community Hospital. A blood sample was drawn here to test for Box’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Preliminary investigations into Box’s record revealed that he had previously been convicted for DUI and was currently on probation. His present arrest has resulted in new charges of felony DUI in Bonneville and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

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