Man Accused of Throwing Rocks Charged With DUI in Oregon

An man has been arrested and charged with DUI in Oregon on Interstate 84. The man was identified by the authorities as Cesar Pedraza, 21. The arrest came about on Saturday, July 24.

According to the details shared by the Idaho State Police, authorities received reports of a man throwing rocks at cars on Interstate 84 between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday. Following up on these reports, ISP troopers and deputies from the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office made contact with Pedraza.

However, as the law enforcement officers tried to speak with him, Pedraza fled away in his pickup. In response, patrol vehicles began to pursue Pedraza as he dodged spike strips and other equipment employed to stop him. After driving recklessly for some time and crossing the center median several times, Pedraza was finally brought to a stop when a trooper performed a pursuit intervention technique.

Once the vehicle came to a stop, Pedraza was apprehended by the authorities and taken into custody. He was later transported to the Payette County Jail and booked into the jail.

Based on the preliminary evidence available in the case, Pedraza has been charged with a number of criminal offenses. These include DUI in Oregon, felony aggravated assault, and felony eluding an officer. The assault charge stems from the fact that Pedraza swerved his pickup several times towards an ISP trooper’s vehicle during the course of the pursuit.

In addition to these charges, ISP is also seeking witnesses regarding the rock-throwing incident in which Pedraza stands accused. If it is proved that he was responsible for throwing rocks at cars on the interstate, Pedraza may face more charges.

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