Woman Arrested Following DUI Accident in Lewiston

A woman was apprehended and charged by the authorities following a DUI accident in Lewiston on Thursday, March 25. She was identified as Tiffany Gilmore, 34, of Lewiston.

According to the details shared by the deputies with the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office, the DUI accident involving Gilmore occurred on Thursday evening. It was reported at around 4:20 p.m.

Gilmore had been traveling northbound along the Snake River Avenue at the time. Her vehicle was identified as a 2004 Chevy van. As she reached the stretch of road between Country Club Drive and Duthie Boulevard, she apparently lost control of her vehicle. The van then veered away from the roadway and collided with the bank by the roadside.

The impact of the collision, which occurred at a high speed, caused the van to roll over. Fortunately the van came back up on its wheels after rolling over.

Gilmore tried to drive away from the scene of the DUI accident in Lewiston. She briefly drove southbound but the van stopped in the middle of the road. This forced Gilmore to stay put until authorities could arrive.

First responders and paramedics from the Lewiston Fire Department reached the scene of the crash. Gilmore was offered medical aid but she refused treatment. The deputies closed down the roadway for nearly two hours as on-site investigation and cleanup was conducted. Preliminary investigations revealed that Gilmore had been driving erratically even before her vehicle ran off the road.

Based on the investigations, Gilmore was charged with a number of offenses. These included driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and resisting and obstructing law officers. If this turns out to be Gilmore’s first DUI offense, she is likely to get away with light penalties especially because the crash resulted in no harm to another person or vehicle.

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