Man Charged With Felony DUI in Bonneville County

A man was charged with felony DUI in Bonneville County following his arrest by the local Sheriff’s Office apprehended based on several witness reports. The incident and the arrest came about on Saturday, April 3.

According to the details shared by BCSO deputies, the suspect was identified as Jake D. Fisher, 39, of Idaho Falls. The deputies first received reports about Fisher at around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday. Witnesses confirmed that Fisher was driving a white pickup and was apparently intoxicated. These reports placed Fisher’s vehicle at a gas station close to Fremont and Science Center Drive.

The deputies responded to the reports and arrived at the gas station. However, Fisher’s vehicle had left by then. The reports over the dispatch had included the license plate number of the vehicle. So the deputies were able to identify the owner and registered address for that vehicle.

One of the deputies reached the registered address to find that Fisher had parked his vehicle in front of the address on Nottingham Lane. However, the vehicle was parked in the wrong direction and Fisher had passed out in the driver seat. According to the responding deputy, the vehicle was still running and Fisher was holding alcoholic drinks.

The deputy walked up to the vehicle and knocked on the glass window to wake Fisher up. He then asked Fisher to step out of the vehicle. When the deputy inquired whether he was drunk, Fisher responded in the affirmative. His responses, together with the witness reports and other evidence, prompted the deputy to arrest him and transport him to the Bonneville County Jail.

A background check on Fisher revealed that he had been convicted of DUI several times in the past. In the present incident, three separate charges were brought against him. These included felony DUI, misdemeanor Possession of an Open Container, and misdemeanor Driving Without Privileges.

A felony DUI in Bonneville County and elsewhere in the state of Idaho can result in stiff penalties. If you have been charged with this offense, it is imperative that you retain an Idaho felony DUI attorney to help you fight the charge.


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