Man Charged With DUI At the End of Fort Hall High-Speed Chase

A man was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and a number of other offenses after a Fort Hall high-speed chase on Wednesday, April 14. The chase began in Fort Hall and came to an end in Pocatello, and also resulted in the arrest of a second person.

According to the details shared by the authorities, the incident began to unfold when a domestic disturbance was reported. Fort Hall Dispatch received these reports between 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. By the time the law enforcement officers arrived on the address, the suspect had left. He was identified as Thurston Redwoman, male, traveling in a KIA vehicle.

The Fort Hall Police began a lookout for the suspect vehicle and was able to locate it on the Fort Hall Reservation nearly two hours later. A traffic stop was then initiated on Highway 91. Redwoman initially slowed down but then sped away from the scene when asked to step out of the vehicle.

The police chase continued along the H 91 for some distance. Towards the south of Highway 91 and Burns Road, police officers deployed spikes to force Redwoman to stop. However, he continued to drive southwards on the highway, traveling at varying speeds.

According to police reports, Redwoman had a passenger in the KIA vehicle during the Fort Hal high-speed chase. This passenger was identified as Larissa Eschief. During the pursuit, Eschief continued to toss various objects out of the vehicle. Some of these objects were later recovered and had drug paraphernalia on them.

Redwoman continued to drive the vehicle along Highway 91. The vehicle finally reached Pocatello and came to a stop at Pocatello Creek and Booth Drive. Both Redwoman and Eschief were taken into custody.

Redwoman was charged with DUI, drug paraphernalia possession, eluding a law officer, and violation of domestic protection order among other offenses. If these charges are proved, the penalties may include several years behind bars for Redwoman. He may be able to plead for lower penalties with the help of a qualified Idaho drug possession defense lawyer.


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