Charges Pending Against Boise Man Caught with More than 30 Venomous Snakes

The Boise Fish and Game Department had their hands full this week. They had to execute a search warrant on a home in the city of Boise. They weren’t looking for guns or drugs. Instead, they were looking for an uncertain number of deadly, venomous snakes.

The police haven’t released the identity of the man on whom they executed the search warrant. However, they confirm that the warrant was served on Saturday. They had requested the search warrant after seeing a number of social media posts. These posts were all made by a man in Boise who admitted to owning dozens of dangerous reptiles.

When they arrived at his home, they found three (3) dozen venomous snakes. This included cobras as well as Great Basin rattlesnakes. Authorities confirmed that, while some of these snakes may be legal in Boise, cobras are not. They also stated that, in order for these snakes to be considered legal, the owner would have needed two things. First, he would need a permit to have the snakes in his home. Second, he would have needed veterinary certificates for all of the snakes.

The spokesperson for the Fish and Game Department indicated that the city of Boise has not issued permits for these snakes for more than 20 years. Even had the defendant applied for permits, they would have been denied.

So far, no charges have been filed against the homeowner. However, the police indicated that he was engaging in illegal behavior. If charges are filed, the report did not indicate how bad the penalties would be. The owner violated the city ordinances against dangerous pets and animals.

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