Idaho Falls Man Charged With DUI After High-Speed Chase

An Idaho Falls man charged with DUI and a number of other offenses following a high-speed chase was identified as Frederico Shigley Rodriguez Jr., 29. The incident occurred late on the night of Tuesday, November 17. 

According to the details shared by the authorities, an attempt was first made to stop Rodriguez by the Idaho Falls Police close to the Sunnyside and South 15th East. A police officer tried to stop the vehicle which was driving at 70 mph at the time. However, the officer didn’t try to chase the vehicle due to the high speed and radioed about the vehicle.

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies heard about the car over the radio. One of the deputies saw the car travel at around 120 mph. A second deputy saw the vehicle headed northbound on the 15th East a few minutes later, this time traveling at 80 mph.

Given the consistently high speeds of the suspect driver, one of the deputies decided to risk stopping the vehicle before it harmed someone. Just then Rodriguez ran a red light and started traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes. He then swerved back into the westbound lanes.

The deputy parked his vehicle down the westbound lanes with the suspect driver headed towards him. He then threw the spike strip onto the road. As Rodriguez drove his Pontiac across the strip, the tires were punctured. The vehicle continued to travel some distance down the road before it finally came to a stop.

Rodriguez was arrested and the deputies recovered multiple containers of alcohol from the vehicle. Rodriguez also smelled of alcohol. Based on the evidence and other facts of the case, a number of charges were brought against him. These included felony eluding, DUI, driving without privileges, and misdemeanor charges of reckless driving.

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