26-Year Old Meridian Woman Charged with Murdering Infant Son

On May 11, 2020, police in Meridian, Idaho responded to a 911 call. The call was placed from a home on North Swainson Avenue near Cherry Lane and Ten Mile Road. When they got there, they found 2-month old Dawson McKinney unresponsive. At the time, they arrested the mother, 26-year old Danielle Radue, with felony serious injury to a child.

Radue was booked into the Ada County Jail that same night. Her son was taken to the local hospital for treatment. At the time of her arrest, a no-contact order was also issued against Radue.

Sadly, he did not survive his injuries. He passed away on Friday, May 15, 2020. The cause of death is said to be traumatic head injuries. The police clearly believe the child’s mother either delivered the traumatic blows to the child’s head or allowed them to be delivered.

The emergency room doctor confirmed the child had suffered bleeding on the brain. He had also suffered a skull fracture. These injuries were not consistent with the defendant’s early claims that her child had been vomiting and she was worried.

The defendant changed her story several times since her arrest. First, she claimed the child had been sick for days and she was worried about him. Then, when she learned that doctor found the physical injuries, she claimed he was crying and she slammed him on the floor too hard.

Then, she claimed the infant had fallen off the couch. Because her story changed so much, the prosecutor demanded a high bail.
Upon the child’s death, the Ada County prosecutor changed the charges against Danielle Radue to murder. She was booked on a $1 million dollar bond and remains in jail.

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Source: https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/local/prosecutor-defendants-stories-arent-consistent-with-her-childs-injuries/277-dd80783a-34ca-4c3c-b271-7ea4164ac7dc

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