Former Corrections Officer Arrested in Boise for Having Sex with Inmate

It’s the job of Boise corrections officers to keep things under control in the Ada County Jail. It’s against the law for them to have any sort of intimate contact with the inmates. This sort of behavior is actually a felony in Idaho. A 29-year old Nampa woman learned this the hard way this week.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Department started investigating the actions of 29-year old Miranda Ackerman of Nampa, Idaho in April. She was a corrections officer at the Idaho Maximum Security Prison near Boise. The sheriff had received a report that Ackerman, who also went by Miranda Jefferds, was having sexual relations with a current inmate at the institution.

Ackerman was also suspected of bringing contraband into the prison. While having sex with an inmate is a felony, providing contraband to an inmate is only a misdemeanor. Ackerman was ultimately charged with both and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Ackerman turned herself in this week on Friday, June 12, 2020. She reported to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office and agreed to be interviewed. She was accused and charged with having sexual relations with an adult prisoner. The allegations state that she was seen having sex with the inmate several times between February 9 and March 9th of this year. Apparently, the two had their relations in the area normally used for giving inmates their haircuts.

Ackerman was also accused of giving the prisoner sexual photographs of herself. This is what they were referring to when they charged her with providing the inmate with contraband.

Ackerman is now facing the two charges. The police haven’t indicated if she has pleaded guilty to the charges as of yet or how much jail time she’s facing.

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