Pocatello Man Commits Third DUI Offense with High BAC

Authorities arrested a man for committing a third DUI offense in Coeur d’Alene. He was identified as Keith B. Nyquist, 42, of Pocatello.

According to the details shared by the police, Nyquist was seen by the police officers leaving a bar in Coeur d’Alene. The officers reported that Nyquist stumbled out of the bar and into his car. He was visibly drunk and not able to walk steadily as he made his way towards his car.

Initially, he simply sat in his car and didn’t turn on the engine or the lights. This gave the officers nearby the impression that he wasn’t going to drive the car. However, officers spotted his vehicle some time later along Spruce Avenue. He was traveling eastbound on the Avenue when the officers initiated a stop.

Nyquist displayed visible signs of intoxication. Based on these and other evidence, he was taken into custody. He was then asked to submit breath samples which he did. The samples registered his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.36, 0.33, and 0.31. This indicated that his BAC was nearly four times or more the legal limit defined by Idaho, which is 0.08%.

In addition, police also recovered a container with a white substance. Upon investigation, the substance was revealed to be meth.

Based on the evidence and investigations, multiple charges were brought against Nyquist. Court documents show that this isn’t the first time he has been indicted in a DUI charge. He has previously been charged with excessive DUI back in 2018. This makes the present offense his third DUI offense.

In addition to being charged with DUI, Nyquist now also faces another charge for possession of a controlled substance. For the third DUI offense alone, he may face a prison term of up to 10 years.

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Source: https://cdapress.com/news/2020/dec/11/police-mans-bac-was-four-times-legal-limit/

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